Blair Family | Utah Extended Family Photographer

13 July 2013

It was a perfect summer evening with the Blair family a couple weeks ago!  They made up my largest extended family group to date with 27 people, and I loved it!  I had such a great time getting to capture everyone in both the big group photos and the smaller family groupings.  I just love this job and the opportunity to meet new and wonderful people.  Thank you, Blair family for the honor of making these new memories!  You have one great crew!  Thank you for braving the 100+ degree heat with me... It was well worth it.  Here's a "small" sampling of my favorite images.

 photo 2013-07-13_0001_zps8fea309a.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0002_zps4adf6801.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0003_zps33842b13.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0004_zpse64ef6da.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0005_zps33e1c7a6.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0006_zps0eb9609f.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0007_zpsa9ccf3b5.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0008_zps373b1da1.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0009_zps2c1151dc.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0010_zps943c39ad.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0011_zps834cfeed.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0012_zps6f1a8796.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0013_zpsb1869aae.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0014_zpsb4ab522b.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0015_zpsf7746dcd.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0016_zps65b4e3ea.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0017_zps44a2ca99.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0018_zpsb2bc0c19.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0019_zps901df2e3.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0020_zps2049b6c3.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0021_zps179e6871.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0022_zps7a590207.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0023_zps1797ecab.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0024_zps1ee6adf0.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0025_zpsd4f2bd17.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0026_zps83b65818.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0027_zps69918c52.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0028_zps43b42d0c.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0029_zpsc111e2eb.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0030_zpsb8564426.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0031_zps1c2266ac.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0032_zpsd2290f49.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0033_zpsc1b921c3.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0034_zps6c1d8a75.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0035_zpsc2448b26.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0038_zps8b5d8ce1.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0036_zps303d6bc6.jpg  photo 2013-07-13_0037_zpsf7052193.jpg


  1. As always, gorgeous pictures Melanie!! I can't get tired of looking at this blog and seeing your work. It's incredible. I so wish I were in Utah so I could get some fabulous photos too. =)

  2. Elizabeth, you are so sweet!! Thank you so much. I miss you, my friend! Hope you are doing well. If you are ever passing through Utah and want some photos, call me up! :)