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25 July 2013

I recently had the pleasure of working with the wonderful Osborn family!  If you've followed my blog in the past you might remember baby James' newborn portraits, almost two years ago!  I can't believe how time just flies.  No longer a tiny newborn; he's a busy and independent toddler now!  I was so honored when his mom and dad (and her whole family) asked me to photograph them again.  What a fun and beautiful family they are!

I had to share a few of Christopher at the end... he just graduated from high school and is headed off to serve an LDS mission very soon, so he got a small portrait session of his own that day to get some senior and mission portraits!  Christopher, I wish you the very best as you head off on this new journey.  And to the Osborns, thank you all again for this wonderful opportunity!

 photo 2013-07-25_0001_zpse62a4c3c.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0002_zps8232f551.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0003_zps8c0a5da7.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0004_zps94397cf7.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0005_zps00152683.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0006_zps7dee93bf.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0007_zps3d97b2cd.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0008_zps462f0533.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0009_zps882bdf1d.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0010_zps865b06f6.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0011_zpsdff51572.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0012_zps4e70e164.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0013_zpsef71f9fd.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0014_zps139f0a0e.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0015_zpsda22306e.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0016_zpsd94ca3fe.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0017_zpsae5c15d4.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0018_zps887a8941.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0019_zpsdb403516.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0020_zpsad7c1fc9.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0021_zps3ec49aa2.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0022_zps87daa87d.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0023_zpsce494fca.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0024_zps72906cdc.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0025_zpsecd51814.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0026_zpsa90d3679.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0027_zps8896befb.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0028_zps421eeaa9.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0029_zps380f3e04.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0030_zps2af35bd6.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0031_zps81930a52.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0032_zps5e699d59.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0033_zps1bf82d53.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0034_zpsaf3390d0.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0035_zps2cfb6799.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0036_zps74bc16a3.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0037_zpsd3e3829d.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0038_zps83cfc7dd.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0039_zpsb3a14f65.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0040_zps78b72c08.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0041_zps1dc6f183.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0042_zps39990785.jpg

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