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22 October 2013

I was so excited when my good childhood friend Nikki moved to Utah!  For so many reasons, including catching up on the "old days" and making up for lost time, play dates with her cute little boys who happen to be the same ages as my girls, and of course talking photography and photographing each other.  She is a talented photographer herself and so it has been fun to have someone to bounce ideas off of.  We were lucky enough to have her do our own family pictures this same night!  We lucked out with a beautifully warm and sunny evening with the final remnants of summer green surrounding us.  She was less than two weeks away from her due date and just days after this session welcomed their beautiful baby girl!  Don't you think she looked amazing?

 photo 2013-10-22_0001_zps14bed73f.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0002_zps6169ad8c.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0004_zps2a001a43.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0005_zps85eb6b7c.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0006_zpsd6bf3b5d.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0007_zps316e0aba.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0008_zpse25a06c2.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0009_zpscec97b76.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0010_zps1a435a7d.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0011_zps76864136.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0012_zps77558706.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0013_zpscac4678d.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0014_zpsf2762ecc.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0015_zpsd4982f2e.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0016_zpsd48b107c.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0017_zpsf1f8e706.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0018_zps118217db.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0019_zps4888e9c3.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0020_zps569801a2.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0021_zps7358caab.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0022_zps4bf29a32.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0023_zps6bfaac92.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0024_zpsc21383d2.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0025_zps938dd02a.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0026_zpse1baf35b.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0027_zps3765c1b8.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0028_zps3300997f.jpg

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