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13 October 2013

It was such an incredible opportunity to photograph these beautiful twin sisters.  I know they are so loved by their family and it was an honor to capture them at such a brand new age in their lives.  They have the most tiny, delicate features and it was so fun to see how different these two are in their looks and personalities.  Here are a few of my favorites!

 photo 2013-10-13_0001_zpsb80d788b.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0002_zpsfa6fcb68.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0003_zpsedeb25cb.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0004_zps8500c006.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0005_zps7262324a.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0006_zps0a622079.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0007_zpsbe7598eb.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0008_zpse6e9338c.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0009_zpse3bcc1a6.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0010_zpsae8216a6.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0011_zps72626563.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0012_zpsfe6d6e9b.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0013_zps6ab3ecfe.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0014_zps65906166.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0016_zps3b2bef70.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0017_zps10dccd80.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0018_zps19db2b41.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0019_zpsd5595ca3.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0020_zps7c196268.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0021_zps22d3e8c8.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0022_zps4f3a67ff.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0023_zps2fbabd8f.jpg

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