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11 December 2013

Today's post features the Robertson family!  I had so much fun capturing this fun family and getting to know them.  I'm so happy they came across my work and chose me to make these memories!  We started off with some family photos and finished the day with some senior and mission portraits too, as Laura is graduating soon from high school and Abby is headed off soon for an LDS mission.  Of course I had to throw in some of the funny outtakes too- these guys kept me laughing pretty much the whole time!  Enjoy a whole bunch of my favorite images from their day!

 photo 2013-12-11_0001_zps205b436b.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0002_zpsfb9ee39c.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0003_zps9112f352.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0004_zps5a0a647f.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0005_zps422fe1ad.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0006_zpsb0092106.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0007_zps2393706d.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0008_zpsa51486ed.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0009_zpsada3f344.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0010_zps7f86caba.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0011_zpsd97a14dd.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0012_zps10d03f5b.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0013_zps28763ddc.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0014_zps63cd7ad1.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0015_zps33fabbdf.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0016_zpsc5f0de7d.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0017_zpsfd0040a2.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0018_zps7c990bf9.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0019_zpsb1ff0793.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0020_zpsac7fd558.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0021_zpsef6593b6.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0022_zps413869af.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0023_zpsf69be075.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0024_zps89318be8.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0025_zpsebda5d46.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0026_zps4632be67.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0027_zpscb48087c.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0028_zps59cfb4a4.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0029_zpsf8356bf4.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0030_zps5a60e1fa.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0031_zps571033ec.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0032_zps6537dd98.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0033_zps394e03b5.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0034_zps9b68c088.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0035_zpsebb2bc9e.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0036_zps4f5e6ba1.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0037_zps6ff43b1c.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0038_zpsdddcb098.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0039_zpsd29f04c3.jpg  photo 2013-12-11_0040_zpsb8a240ec.jpg

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