Temporarily Closed due to COVID-19

27 March 2020

To my loyal clients, friends, and blog followers, I just wanted to hop on here and update my website so that you all are in the know of how I will be handling my business in light of the current COVID-19 crisis.  What a whirlwind these past few weeks have been, am I right?!  Here in Utah, we even got to experience an earthquake on top of all of it!  I think we are all more than ready for things to feel normal around here again.

That being said.... it will be a while before things are normal.  The health and safety of my clients is my utmost priority, and I am committed to doing my part to prevent the spread of the coronavirus illness.  I will be temporarily closing up shop here and I will not taking on more sessions until government and health officials deem it safe for non-essential businesses to operate again.  I have already been working with my March and April clients to reschedule or cancel when possible, and I will continue to do so with my clients who were scheduled beyond that point, as necessary.  It hurts my heart a lot to hang up the camera for a while, but I know that it is the right thing to do.  I work as an L&D registered nurse in the hospital in addition to doing photography, so keeping myself, my family, and everyone around me healthy is even more so at the forefront of my intentions.

Nobody knows how long this pandemic is going to last, or when it will be safe to go out and about, but I will absolutely be ready to go and start offering session dates again when it is time.  If we need to do so with continued social distancing measures and extra sanitizing, I will do everything that is necessary!  I absolutely love creating photos and memories for the many wonderful clients I get to work with, so it kills me a little (lot) to have to set this passion aside for a while.  I hope and pray for the health, safety, and sanity of all of you out there during this difficult time.  This, too, shall pass, right!?  :)

For my Colorado clients out there, I was originally hoping to make the trip for sessions sometime around July 9-13.  This may still work out, but I will be following the news closely to see if we need to push these dates back some.  It may happen in the fall of this year instead, if needed.  I will keep you informed as soon as we all have a better idea of where this is going.  I certainly still hope to make the trip if at all possible this year!

I believe that we will all come out of this crisis being stronger, a little more kind, and a little more prepared to face new challenges as human beings.  I have already seen so much good around me as a results of people serving and helping each other.  And I am loving the tons of extra time with my family!  How often do we get the opportunity to just breathe and have a clear schedule??  It can't all be bad. :)  I'm greatly looking forward to doing photography again when this all blows over.  Please don't forget to support small businesses like mine and many others, who have to close up shop for a while.  We are working so hard to provide for our families, and share our gifts and passions with others.  For me personally, it is a major loss of income that my family depended on to keep our household running.  It is discouraging to see how long this virus may really last, but I am hoping and praying for the best.  I will be utilizing this extra down time to polish up my business behind the scenes, and keep delivering the memories that will capture your hearts for a lifetime.

See you soon!