....And baby makes 5 | Utah Maternity Photographer

22 October 2013

I was so excited when my good childhood friend Nikki moved to Utah!  For so many reasons, including catching up on the "old days" and making up for lost time, play dates with her cute little boys who happen to be the same ages as my girls, and of course talking photography and photographing each other.  She is a talented photographer herself and so it has been fun to have someone to bounce ideas off of.  We were lucky enough to have her do our own family pictures this same night!  We lucked out with a beautifully warm and sunny evening with the final remnants of summer green surrounding us.  She was less than two weeks away from her due date and just days after this session welcomed their beautiful baby girl!  Don't you think she looked amazing?

 photo 2013-10-22_0001_zps14bed73f.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0002_zps6169ad8c.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0004_zps2a001a43.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0005_zps85eb6b7c.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0006_zpsd6bf3b5d.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0007_zps316e0aba.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0008_zpse25a06c2.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0009_zpscec97b76.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0010_zps1a435a7d.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0011_zps76864136.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0012_zps77558706.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0013_zpscac4678d.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0014_zpsf2762ecc.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0015_zpsd4982f2e.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0016_zpsd48b107c.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0017_zpsf1f8e706.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0018_zps118217db.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0019_zps4888e9c3.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0020_zps569801a2.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0021_zps7358caab.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0022_zps4bf29a32.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0023_zps6bfaac92.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0024_zpsc21383d2.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0025_zps938dd02a.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0026_zpse1baf35b.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0027_zps3765c1b8.jpg  photo 2013-10-22_0028_zps3300997f.jpg

Gorgeous twin girls | Utah Newborn Twin Photographer

13 October 2013

It was such an incredible opportunity to photograph these beautiful twin sisters.  I know they are so loved by their family and it was an honor to capture them at such a brand new age in their lives.  They have the most tiny, delicate features and it was so fun to see how different these two are in their looks and personalities.  Here are a few of my favorites!

 photo 2013-10-13_0001_zpsb80d788b.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0002_zpsfa6fcb68.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0003_zpsedeb25cb.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0004_zps8500c006.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0005_zps7262324a.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0006_zps0a622079.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0007_zpsbe7598eb.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0008_zpse6e9338c.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0009_zpse3bcc1a6.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0010_zpsae8216a6.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0011_zps72626563.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0012_zpsfe6d6e9b.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0013_zps6ab3ecfe.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0014_zps65906166.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0016_zps3b2bef70.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0017_zps10dccd80.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0018_zps19db2b41.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0019_zpsd5595ca3.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0020_zps7c196268.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0021_zps22d3e8c8.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0022_zps4f3a67ff.jpg  photo 2013-10-13_0023_zps2fbabd8f.jpg

Waiting for baby girl | Utah county maternity photographer

09 October 2013

September was the month of babies!  I became a new aunt x3 (all sweet little girls!).  So wonderful!!  I had the pleasure of photographing my sister and her husband at a local park near their home, just a week before they welcomed their beautiful daughter.  My other sister and I tag-teamed and photographed these parents-to-be before they became a family of 3!  Emily looked just amazing and it was so fun to be there and be a part of the anticipation.  Here are a few of my favorites!

 photo 2013-10-09_0001_zps7a20132e.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0002_zps32ba4f1e.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0003_zpsd7d446ca.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0004_zps0b42ec19.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0005_zpsd754e3bb.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0006_zpsdf32db54.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0007_zps4c829c6e.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0008_zps956dfb52.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0009_zpsaa6100d1.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0010_zps7fbbbaa3.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0011_zps310f056a.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0012_zps61ea55a5.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0013_zps69797af4.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0014_zps32cabff9.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0015_zps870b9c51.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0016_zps2ec85793.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0017_zps22027237.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0018_zps5dc4f189.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0019_zps1cba2111.jpg  photo 2013-10-09_0020_zps0aad9d05.jpg