Flower Girls

21 July 2014

Another fun session I did a while back with my own two beauties.  I have officially decided that I adore peonies and knew that I wanted to create an ultra-girly pink peony crown themed session for my girly girls.  I know I'm biased, but I think they are pretty darn adorable!

 photo 2014-07-04_0149_zps66ccbda0.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0150_zps46850fc8.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0151_zpsbfa8d44b.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0152_zps3ff87078.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0153_zps60e51807.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0154_zpsea7989a2.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0155_zps9ba5ed97.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0156_zps2883a6f5.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0157_zps0511430a.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0158_zps29cfa8a0.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0159_zps5ff8b15f.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0160_zpsdb24ecb4.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0161_zpsd1fe80c0.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0162_zps8f9c58e9.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0163_zpsb4920f30.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0164_zpsa9e545c8.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0165_zps1bd44ce8.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0166_zps77c8911e.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0167_zpsdb21c56b.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0168_zpsf92eda08.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0169_zps0a89805d.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0170_zps7ffc2e43.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0171_zpsfebe0e7e.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0172_zpsd00e6d47.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0173_zps374c5168.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0174_zps07e6a113.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0175_zps5750e1b5.jpg

I also took my younger daughter's 4 year portraits that night.  She is our little spunky, hilarious girl and her favorite spider-man glasses were a perfect accessory for her session!
 photo 2014-07-04_0176_zpsb0986c31.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0177_zpsf5da5b99.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0178_zps2f881e48.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0179_zps666921ea.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0180_zps416141a6.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0181_zpse4107789.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0182_zpsbf4e355d.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0183_zps39f24b09.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0184_zps25ec87a1.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0185_zps0a90fe59.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0186_zps4ab9825d.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0187_zpsd355e89f.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0188_zpsab3ac9ab.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0189_zpsd4e77500.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0190_zps9c994408.jpg  photo 2014-07-04_0191_zpsa71a5284.jpg

Mom & Me Session

Hello all!  Hope you are having a great summer.  Can't believe July is almost over!  Where does the time go?!  Well, I have a couple posts to share and wanted to check in on the blog for a minute.  I have to say... I have missed my business dearly and am quite certain I want to do it again one day.  Just not sure when the time is right... it won't be for a while yet, but when it is, you all will be the first to know.  I love making memories for others so much!  It is a part of my heart and soul for sure.

This was one of the only "sessions" I've done this year.  My friend and fellow photographer Victoria Harris and I decided to trade sessions and photograph each other with our kids- kind of a Mother's Day type session.  Us photographer moms never seem to be in any photos with our kids!  So I had to share some of my favorites of her with her darling daughter and her baby #2 on the way.  I hope you enjoy!

P.S.  Victoria is an awesome photographer if any of you locals need referrals!  I have been recommending her, among others, when I get asked for names of other photographers around here.  I adore the photos she took of me and my girls!

 photo 2014-07-21_0001_zps718437b4.jpg  photo 2014-07-21_0002_zps735ec78d.jpg  photo 2014-07-21_0003_zps2f059b30.jpg  photo 2014-07-21_0004_zps25c5da71.jpg  photo 2014-07-21_0005_zps3c58408b.jpg  photo 2014-07-21_0006_zps93385771.jpg  photo 2014-07-21_0007_zps3dc215d2.jpg  photo 2014-07-21_0008_zps96e5fd7c.jpg  photo 2014-07-21_0009_zps6aad430e.jpg  photo 2014-07-21_0010_zpsc78e2d60.jpg  photo 2014-07-21_0011_zps325a3488.jpg  photo 2014-07-21_0012_zps2b186ee9.jpg  photo 2014-07-21_0013_zps319aa44d.jpg  photo 2014-07-21_0014_zps08c42720.jpg  photo 2014-07-21_0015_zpsdbc07fac.jpg  photo 2014-07-21_0016_zpsb9198865.jpg  photo 2014-07-21_0017_zps15d2e04a.jpg  photo 2014-07-21_0018_zps998a0504.jpg  photo 2014-07-21_0019_zps451aceed.jpg