Favorites of 2013

30 December 2013

2013 is quickly nearing its end... where does the time go?!  I look back at this year as another fun-filled time getting to meet and photograph amazing people, honing my creative art and vision, and taking my skill to new levels.  With all of my heart, I extend a huge "thank you" to all of you who have continued to make this business possible for me!!  I am humbled by the many opportunities I have been given to make these memories for others.

If you missed my announcement back in September, I have decided to hang up the photography business for a while.  I'm not sure how long at this point, but I have just come to the decision that my family and young children need to take the priority at this time in my life.  I hope to check in periodically on my blog and facebook page when I have some fun new personal work to share.  And if and when I'm ready to jump back in to the business side of things, you will all be the first to know!  In the meantime, if you'd like a referral to one of the many other fantastic photographers in my area, I'd be happy to send you their business information... just shoot me an email at ricemelanie@gmail.com.

I thought I'd round out this year with a look back of some of my favorites from both sessions and personal work from this year.  I have cherished each opportunity to freeze these beautiful moments in time.  Some of these images are being featured on this blog for the first time.  Enjoy!

 photo 2013-12-30_0001_zpsc148ca12.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0002_zpsfd3dead2.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0003_zps7ff85edb.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0004_zps297c4658.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0005_zps6b476f8b.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0006_zps2ed81d2f.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0007_zps7d4ac895.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0008_zps1ca30765.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0009_zpscbf4eb32.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0010_zps9e332cf7.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0011_zps59c5e82e.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0012_zps46745fd5.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0013_zps4f36bbe8.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0014_zps8ce17428.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0015_zps1204de69.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0016_zps2c09b91e.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0017_zpscd7e06a4.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0018_zpsdc0af83f.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0019_zps062d7a40.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0020_zpsb963f0c0.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0021_zps562f4fdd.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0022_zps464aedeb.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0023_zps00ac5204.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0024_zps48c549bc.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0025_zps0b8e379b.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0026_zps490dea60.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0027_zps01c976cf.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0028_zpse775391e.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0029_zps75ea7f67.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0030_zps825b29a4.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0031_zps7a0a90fe.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0032_zps99072768.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0033_zpsfc5cff22.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0034_zpscd03bb68.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0035_zps80933061.jpg  photo 2013-12-30_0036_zps2d7c29b5.jpg

Murray Family | Utah Family Photographer

12 December 2013

Today's blog post features the beautiful Murray family.  These guys are longtime friends of mine now and it has been a joy to see their family grow up!  Don't they have the most beautiful kids?  Thanks, Murray's, for hanging out with me and making memories on that November day!  (We just barely missed all of the snow storms... whew!)  Here are a few of my favorites from their session.

 photo 2013-12-12_0001_zpsd79a20f5.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0002_zpsce95022b.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0003_zpsb5728f89.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0004_zps0c48bf51.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0005_zps47c4dd7b.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0006_zps313ee4bd.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0007_zps852913b3.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0008_zps09ae343a.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0009_zps3a8562a0.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0010_zps8da92ff8.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0011_zpsab4459d3.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0012_zpscc2793b0.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0013_zpsf082b62d.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0014_zps66217bd5.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0015_zps2fa2e7d5.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0016_zps3646ff2c.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0017_zps5cb81caa.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0018_zps2fa45b3d.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0019_zps1a69d56e.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0020_zpsdd7a1b61.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0021_zpsd2510456.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0022_zpse7a0ceb6.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0023_zps26fac48a.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0024_zpsc0bb5923.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0025_zpscc75d7f6.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0026_zpsd8961fb1.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0027_zpsd87881b0.jpg