Lincoln & Katy

21 May 2013

Getting caught up on sharing all of my recent photography adventures, and here's my next installment!  Some images I took of my own brother Lincoln and his new wife Katy.  I can just sense the love and happiness coming from these two even when I look at these images!  The first batch of these were taken just days before their big day.  And while I don't typically shoot weddings, I had to share a few of my favorites from their wedding day too!

 photo 018_zpscb7f8be6.jpg  photo 023_zpsd2837bc3.jpg  photo 022_zpsf4deb5c9.jpg  photo 021_zps63383af3.jpg  photo 020_zps5ac29891.jpg  photo 019_zps16045905.jpg  photo 017_zpsdf93e62e.jpg  photo 016_zps4797c066.jpg  photo 015_zpsfb1ea0fb.jpg  photo 014_zps104c6c52.jpg  photo 013_zpse3cc952e.jpg  photo 012_zpse41bda80.jpg  photo 011_zps94008f79.jpg  photo 010_zps5dce6f4a.jpg  photo 009_zps65e41830.jpg  photo 008_zpsa7879de1.jpg  photo 007_zpsf0fec530.jpg  photo 006_zps7302f4f1.jpg  photo 005_zps845e0808.jpg  photo 004_zps3f34b1cd.jpg  photo 003_zps5bde6866.jpg  photo 002_zps7aa656a7.jpg  photo 001_zpsedf6d8e2.jpg

Karr Family | Utah County Family Portrait Photographer

20 May 2013

Another beautiful family I had the privilege of photographing this spring!  The Karr family's session was a lot of fun.  It's always fun to get to know my friends and their families better through capturing them and their little ones.  The light was beautiful that evening and it made for the perfect scene for family portraits!

 photo 015Utahfamilyphotographer_zps657ab7c5.jpg  photo 014Utahfamilyphotographer_zps96f861c6.jpg  photo 013Utahfamilyphotographer_zps63f5dadf.jpg  photo 012Utahfamilyphotographer_zpsd5e9c276.jpg  photo 011Utahfamilyphotographer_zpsc1aea7bb.jpg  photo 010Utahfamilyphotographer_zps3892e436.jpg  photo 009Utahfamilyphotographer_zpsf38757ec.jpg  photo 008Utahfamilyphotographer_zps8628af8e.jpg  photo 007Utahfamilyphotographer_zps98fe955c.jpg  photo 006Utahfamilyphotographer_zpsf02d7e20.jpg  photo 005Utahfamilyphotographer_zps66cbdbe7.jpg  photo 004Utahfamilyphotographer_zpsc647bff7.jpg  photo 003Utahfamilyphotographer_zps4ea3d842.jpg  photo 002Utahfamilyphotographer_zpsef7e7471.jpg  photo 001Utahfamilyphotographer_zps615c0ff9.jpg

Amberlee, Steve, & Lola | Orem Utah, Utah County Family Photographer

16 May 2013

Amberlee, Steve, and Lola came to me for even more fun after having captured Lola's newborn portraits and her 6-month portraits!  It's always an incredible honor to have the privilege of capturing little ones as they grow.  Lola is almost one year old and I can't even believe how the time flies!  Here are some of Lola and her cute parents.  We finished off the session with a good ole' cake smash.  I think it's the only time Lola actually sat down for a longer period of time.  I love the busy toddler stages though... they sure grow up quickly!  Here are a few of my favorites from their session.

 photo 024Utahfamilyphotographer_zps2073273c.jpg  photo 023Utahfamilyphotographer_zpse7b73647.jpg  photo 022Utahfamilyphotographer_zpscd0c0bdf.jpg  photo 021Utahfamilyphotographer_zps6c382c9c.jpg  photo 020Utahfamilyphotographer_zps8a24c669.jpg  photo 019Utahfamilyphotographer_zpsc7735e46.jpg  photo 018Utahfamilyphotographer_zps9db4199a.jpg  photo 017Utahfamilyphotographer_zps98efabd0.jpg  photo 016Utahfamilyphotographer_zps908085de.jpg  photo 015Utahfamilyphotographer_zps7043da05.jpg  photo 014Utahfamilyphotographer_zpse11dc150.jpg  photo 013Utahfamilyphotographer_zps2e2fa39f.jpg  photo 012Utahfamilyphotographer_zps5c0d3db5.jpg  photo 011Utahfamilyphotographer_zpsecfe9089.jpg  photo 010Utahfamilyphotographer_zps03539fdd.jpg  photo 009Utahfamilyphotographer_zps62a1f444.jpg  photo 008Utahfamilyphotographer_zps8a6993b4.jpg  photo 007Utahfamilyphotographer_zps3852c903.jpg  photo 006Utahfamilyphotographer_zps283248e8.jpg  photo 005Utahfamilyphotographer_zps61919719.jpg  photo 004Utahfamilyphotographer_zps3cd494ea.jpg  photo 003Utahfamilyphotographer_zps52b9da34.jpg  photo 002Utahfamilyphotographer_zps0ba39e66.jpg  photo 001Utahfamilyphotographer_zpsdc4996fe.jpg