Merry Christmas!

23 December 2017

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!  I had to jump on here and share a few fun photos I just took of my girls for the holidays.  I love the ages they are at!  The last few years, I have taken them out almost every season to get updated photos.  Why not, right?  They are only little for so long, and the fact that we have four amazing seasons here in Utah means there is always a new beautiful backdrop to be captured!  I'm loving how these sweet snowy winter wonderland photos turned out that I took yesterday.  We added a furry family member to our family this year... our cat, Oreo.  The girls absolutely adore this kitty and play with her all day long.  They begged me to bring her along for these photos.  How could I refuse? :)  I couldn't stop smiling at the sight of them pulling her on the sled in her cat carrier.

I just have to say thank you all for such an amazing year.  I'm way behind on keeping this blog current, but I hope to get lots of new posts coming now that my busy fall season is winding down.  I have so many gorgeous sessions to share still!  I had my busiest year ever, and captured so many adorable babies and beautiful families.  I can't wait to see what 2018 brings.  Stay tuned to my social media accounts... I'm kicking the new year off with a giveaway!  Also, if you love this amazing winter backdrop, shoot me an email and we can plan your very own winter wonderland photo session in the next couple months!  I absolutely love photographing families and children in our gorgeous winter landscape!

Without further ado, here are some of those fun photos.  Merry Christmas!