Osborn Family | Provo, Utah Family Photographer

25 July 2013

I recently had the pleasure of working with the wonderful Osborn family!  If you've followed my blog in the past you might remember baby James' newborn portraits, almost two years ago!  I can't believe how time just flies.  No longer a tiny newborn; he's a busy and independent toddler now!  I was so honored when his mom and dad (and her whole family) asked me to photograph them again.  What a fun and beautiful family they are!

I had to share a few of Christopher at the end... he just graduated from high school and is headed off to serve an LDS mission very soon, so he got a small portrait session of his own that day to get some senior and mission portraits!  Christopher, I wish you the very best as you head off on this new journey.  And to the Osborns, thank you all again for this wonderful opportunity!

 photo 2013-07-25_0001_zpse62a4c3c.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0002_zps8232f551.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0003_zps8c0a5da7.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0004_zps94397cf7.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0005_zps00152683.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0006_zps7dee93bf.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0007_zps3d97b2cd.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0008_zps462f0533.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0009_zps882bdf1d.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0010_zps865b06f6.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0011_zpsdff51572.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0012_zps4e70e164.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0013_zpsef71f9fd.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0014_zps139f0a0e.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0015_zpsda22306e.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0016_zpsd94ca3fe.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0017_zpsae5c15d4.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0018_zps887a8941.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0019_zpsdb403516.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0020_zpsad7c1fc9.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0021_zps3ec49aa2.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0022_zps87daa87d.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0023_zpsce494fca.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0024_zps72906cdc.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0025_zpsecd51814.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0026_zpsa90d3679.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0027_zps8896befb.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0028_zps421eeaa9.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0029_zps380f3e04.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0030_zps2af35bd6.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0031_zps81930a52.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0032_zps5e699d59.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0033_zps1bf82d53.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0034_zpsaf3390d0.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0035_zps2cfb6799.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0036_zps74bc16a3.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0037_zpsd3e3829d.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0038_zps83cfc7dd.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0039_zpsb3a14f65.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0040_zps78b72c08.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0041_zps1dc6f183.jpg  photo 2013-07-25_0042_zps39990785.jpg

Three Brothers | Utah Lake Child and Family Photographer

18 July 2013

I am so excited to share these images of my three handsome nephews who are growing up just so fast.  I had to take a walk down memory lane and look back at the last photos I did of them, which are almost four years old!  Goodness, how time flies.  They are so grown up!!  (Did I just say that?)

Anyway, I had a blast hanging out with them out at Utah Lake.  This truly might be my new favorite location.  Water, docks, boats, and giant grassy lawns with large green trees swaying peacefully.  It was so gorgeous out.  I might just want to do every session there now!  Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my favorites from their day.  I can tell that these boys are the best of buds!  I love that we got a few images of them just being kids (what boy doesn't like to skip rocks?).  That's what it's all about.

 photo 2013-07-18_0001_zps0ded532d.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0002_zps16d5d9fc.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0003_zps792d82a2.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0004_zps6af823ed.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0005_zps7ce92b6c.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0006_zps7ee0037c.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0007_zps0fc3c4ce.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0008_zps673026a8.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0009_zps7e4434fd.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0010_zps9662139d.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0011_zps533d47d9.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0012_zpsee9fcc8f.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0013_zps2708437e.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0014_zpseee95426.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0015_zps66a1b741.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0016_zps210dbf0d.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0017_zpsc463a0b0.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0018_zpse1b25b6a.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0019_zpsb19d66f5.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0020_zps5e532d9d.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0021_zpsd269d922.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0022_zps8ecd4dbb.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0023_zps30c20602.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0024_zps9cdd9d31.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0025_zps65f5b6af.jpg  photo 2013-07-18_0026_zps4558ffa6.jpg