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12 December 2013

Today's blog post features the beautiful Murray family.  These guys are longtime friends of mine now and it has been a joy to see their family grow up!  Don't they have the most beautiful kids?  Thanks, Murray's, for hanging out with me and making memories on that November day!  (We just barely missed all of the snow storms... whew!)  Here are a few of my favorites from their session.

 photo 2013-12-12_0001_zpsd79a20f5.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0002_zpsce95022b.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0003_zpsb5728f89.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0004_zps0c48bf51.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0005_zps47c4dd7b.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0006_zps313ee4bd.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0007_zps852913b3.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0008_zps09ae343a.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0009_zps3a8562a0.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0010_zps8da92ff8.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0011_zpsab4459d3.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0012_zpscc2793b0.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0013_zpsf082b62d.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0014_zps66217bd5.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0015_zps2fa2e7d5.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0016_zps3646ff2c.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0017_zps5cb81caa.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0018_zps2fa45b3d.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0019_zps1a69d56e.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0020_zpsdd7a1b61.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0021_zpsd2510456.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0022_zpse7a0ceb6.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0023_zps26fac48a.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0024_zpsc0bb5923.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0025_zpscc75d7f6.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0026_zpsd8961fb1.jpg  photo 2013-12-12_0027_zpsd87881b0.jpg

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