My girls in the fall | Payson Utah Child Photographer

13 January 2017

I took my girls for a drive up the Nebo Loop in Payson for some fall photos, and I am loving some of the gorgeous spots up there!! The ones at the end of this post that I am in, were taken by each of my girls. They are turning into pretty decent photographers themselves! :)
 photo 2017-01-13_0001_zpslvbicn9u.jpg  photo 2017-01-13_0002_zpsc3b2plcv.jpg  photo 2017-01-13_0003_zpsfs9rmkpl.jpg  photo 2017-01-13_0004_zpsin4to3mv.jpg  photo 2017-01-13_0006_zpss3p5weyl.jpg  photo 2017-01-13_0007_zpsnrmf5jww.jpg  photo 2017-01-13_0008_zpsrsvoixve.jpg  photo 2017-01-13_0009_zpsplioaht1.jpg  photo 2017-01-13_0010_zpsilhqbkgt.jpg  photo 2017-01-13_0011_zpsmo93dfsm.jpg  photo 2017-01-13_0012_zpsxeobecpr.jpg  photo 2017-01-13_0013_zpslp0y2qrc.jpg  photo 2017-01-13_0014_zps0j3xp4ng.jpg  photo 2017-01-13_0015_zpsecz24xkk.jpg  photo 2017-01-13_0016_zpsqhwvxkqo.jpg  photo 2017-01-13_0017_zpsbejjpuce.jpg

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