Crosby | Utah Newborn Baby Photographer

26 April 2013

Sweet little Crosby is my newest nephew and he was such a joy to photograph at just one week new!  He looks just like his adoring big brother and sister did as babies!  You might recognize these cute little faces... they've graced the blog a few times in the past!  Enjoy these images of the cute newest addition to the Bell family.

 photo 018_zps0d6c60fb.jpg  photo 017_zps2c144a9a.jpg  photo 016_zps8fe27e13.jpg  photo 015_zps77122977.jpg  photo 014_zpsee2ad8e6.jpg  photo 013_zpsdd669c7c.jpg  photo 012_zpsb77bebe8.jpg  photo 011_zps74df885c.jpg  photo 010_zps13814bf5.jpg  photo 009_zps8c8c728f.jpg  photo 008_zpsa24c9340.jpg  photo 007_zps44f789e6.jpg  photo 006_zps5c2206aa.jpg  photo 005_zpse0641bcf.jpg  photo 004_zps366be30e.jpg  photo 003_zpsfb31c30f.jpg  photo 002_zpsb0cd5769.jpg  photo 001_zpsbd007016.jpg

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