Barton Girls | Provo Utah Child Photographer, Utah Baptism Photographer

08 May 2013

I had the pleasure of capturing the three beautiful Barton girls a couple years ago and it has been so fun to photograph them again and see how much they have grown!!  One of the fun things about doing photography is seeing little ones grow up.  We lucked out with the most amazing spring weather and the blossoms were in full bloom too.  Doesn't get much better than that.  Their beautiful mom jumped in for a few shots too.  We finished off the session by capturing Makenzie in her LDS baptism dress.  She looked radiant!  Here are my favorites from their day.

 photo 025_zps74241044.jpg  photo 024_zpsd3de09ac.jpg  photo 023_zps856d843a.jpg  photo 022_zps60af7ebc.jpg  photo 021_zps42bacd85.jpg  photo 020_zps436f9966.jpg  photo 019_zps4db920df.jpg  photo 018_zps893cc627.jpg  photo 017_zpsfaa1081b.jpg  photo 015_zps8d5cbe94.jpg  photo 014_zps98819066.jpg  photo 013_zps74fe6a99.jpg  photo 012_zps478a9dff.jpg  photo 011_zps428558f6.jpg  photo 010_zps9a8a7577.jpg  photo 009_zps70e50ec8.jpg  photo 008_zps7a0961e0.jpg  photo 007_zps708613a5.jpg  photo 006_zps21495e66.jpg  photo 005_zpse11e1384.jpg  photo 004_zps0dfa1bf7.jpg  photo 003_zps2034436c.jpg  photo 002_zps4789ea4f.jpg  photo 001_zps8f64108b.jpg

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