Lincoln & Katy

21 May 2013

Getting caught up on sharing all of my recent photography adventures, and here's my next installment!  Some images I took of my own brother Lincoln and his new wife Katy.  I can just sense the love and happiness coming from these two even when I look at these images!  The first batch of these were taken just days before their big day.  And while I don't typically shoot weddings, I had to share a few of my favorites from their wedding day too!

 photo 018_zpscb7f8be6.jpg  photo 023_zpsd2837bc3.jpg  photo 022_zpsf4deb5c9.jpg  photo 021_zps63383af3.jpg  photo 020_zps5ac29891.jpg  photo 019_zps16045905.jpg  photo 017_zpsdf93e62e.jpg  photo 016_zps4797c066.jpg  photo 015_zpsfb1ea0fb.jpg  photo 014_zps104c6c52.jpg  photo 013_zpse3cc952e.jpg  photo 012_zpse41bda80.jpg  photo 011_zps94008f79.jpg  photo 010_zps5dce6f4a.jpg  photo 009_zps65e41830.jpg  photo 008_zpsa7879de1.jpg  photo 007_zpsf0fec530.jpg  photo 006_zps7302f4f1.jpg  photo 005_zps845e0808.jpg  photo 004_zps3f34b1cd.jpg  photo 003_zps5bde6866.jpg  photo 002_zps7aa656a7.jpg  photo 001_zpsedf6d8e2.jpg

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