Baby Lucy | Utah Newborn Photographer

05 November 2013

Meet my precious baby niece Lucy!  It was such a pleasure to photograph her and I love being her aunt.  She had a rough start but finally got to come home to her family around two weeks old.  She is one loved little girl!!  I just love her darling features, those squishy cheeks, and everything else about her.  She's perfect!

 photo 2013-11-05_0001_zps52700e40.jpg  photo 2013-11-05_0002_zpsde83049f.jpg  photo 2013-11-05_0003_zps2645308e.jpg  photo 2013-11-05_0004_zps13fb85ce.jpg  photo 2013-11-05_0006_zpsa17cc930.jpg  photo 2013-11-05_0007_zpsc149218a.jpg  photo 2013-11-05_0008_zps6918af53.jpg  photo 2013-11-05_0009_zpsc039c677.jpg  photo 2013-11-05_0010_zpsc0ec3b03.jpg  photo 2013-11-05_0011_zpsb01f4aef.jpg  photo 2013-11-05_0012_zps8e716d8c.jpg  photo 2013-11-05_0013_zps2cf6af53.jpg  photo 2013-11-05_0014_zpsfc7807b3.jpg  photo 2013-11-05_0015_zps56b999a5.jpg

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